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🚨New Diamond Blade Alert🚨

Introducing our new After Shock Diamond Blade. The blade is ideal for cutting concrete pavers, stone, natural stone, granite and concrete. We would classify...

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Diamond King Core Bits – Concrete And Asphalt Coring

Diamond King core bits for concrete, asphalt, brick block and stone



Will It Cut? Episode 7: Will A Red Devil Diamond Blade Cut An Igloo Cooler?

Will it cut episode 7. will the red devil diamond blade cut an igloo cooler
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August Discounts For Diamond Blades

I am not going to say, End Of Summer Deals, because it's too sad to think we are in the last real summer month....

🚨NEW🚨 Husqvarna Water💦 Tank WT2GO

This new Husqvarna water tank is unreal! With the WT2GO, you get some awesome features that you can't get with the traditional pump water...

Will It Cut? Episode 5: Will A Tiger Shark Diamond Blade Cut A Credit Card Machine

On Episode 5 of Will It Cut? We used the Tiger Shark diamond blade on a Husqvarna K770 gas powered cut off saw to...

Will It Cut? Episode 2: Will A Hurricane Diamond Blade Cut A Wooden Pallet?

On Episode 2 of Will It Cut?, we put the Hurricane diamond blade to the test to see if it will cut through a...

How To Cut Safely With A Husqvarna or Stihl Gas Cut Off Saw

I know you guys don't need any tips on how to use a cut off saw right? But every little bit helps. Here is...

Will It Cut? Episode 8: Will a Red Devil Diamond Blade Cut A Truck Tire?

Will it cut? Diamond king blades cutting random objects

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