🚨NEW🚨 Husqvarna Water💦 Tank WT2GO


This new Husqvarna water tank is unreal! With the WT2GO, you get some awesome features that you can’t get with the traditional pump water tank or battery water tanks. Husqvarna and Stihl make great quality portable water tanks but this one may be my favorite.

First off, the design is sleek and colorful, the orange and gray colors pop and make for a great looking water tank. Also, the tank is super light weight, only 12 lbs empty, 43 lbs if full. Even I can carry that! Not only is this water tank light, it has two handles so that you can carry it either vertically or horizontally.

Here is where Husqvarna really outdid themselves with this tank. There is no pumping required! That’s right, on a 100 degree day, you won’t have to pump away and use all your energy to get the water flowing. So naturally, that means it is battery run right? WRONG! No batteries or electronics needed either. It simply has a strong continuous water supply for easy use on any job site.

This water tank is a 3.65 gallon capacity and can supply water for up to 25 minutes. The TW2G0 also has a hose that connects directly to any Husqvarna gas cut off saw. This makes it easy to cut with equal and safe water distribution. It comes with a sprinkler style nozzle too in case you need spot treatment for water flow.

Overall this is a great portable water tank and Husqvarna really did a great job with the engineering of it. Highly recommended.