Will It Cut? Episode 5: Will A Tiger Shark Diamond Blade Cut A Credit Card Machine


On Episode 5 of Will It Cut? We used the Tiger Shark diamond blade on a Husqvarna K770 gas powered cut off saw to cut through a credit card point of sale machine. This machine hasn’t worked in our office for about 2 years. So anytime someone came into the office… we had to manually charge it on the portal. We hate this machine.

I think the diamond blade we used, the Tiger Shark, can pretty much cut through anything. Credit card machines are basically made up of cheap little plastic, so this cut should be no problem at all. Sometimes, plastic can gum up diamond blade cutting action and prevent it from really slicing through the material. Let’s see how it performs here.

For predictions:

Chris predicted the credit card machine would get shredded and it would rip apart

Nelson said “let’s see see, i’ve never done it”

Colby said ”stuff going everywhere”


The Tiger Shark diamond diamond blade made quick work of the credit card machine. Luckily, we replaced it with a unit that actually works, so we can actually charge customers using the correct method for once. There were some sparks that flew when the credit card machine got cut, looked the the mother board! Anyway, the credit card machine is dead and the sales staff is happy.