Three Reasons To Buy Blades Now!


It’s March, and with the spring coming it’s time to start thinking about preparing with your blades for spring and summer projects. Here at Diamond King Tools, we have some deals that can help you be prepared now. Here are some of our deals for diamond blades:

This month, we’re offering a blade pack sale for all of our 14 inch general purpose blades. You can get three blades for $149.99, six blades for $269.99, and 12 blades for $499.99. Here are some of the general purpose blades you can get in your deal:

Jester — General Purpose Diamond Blade

The Jester is our economy diamond blade. The diamond blade has sintered segments and is a great value. Perfect for use as a general purpose diamond blade. It works great for concrete, brick, block, and pavers.

Ace Turbo Diamond Blade

Turbo diamond blade design provides fast and smooth cutting performance in a wide range of materials. Can be used for concrete, stone, brick, block and pavers. Cooling holes provide extended life by reducing core heat. It works great for concrete, natural stone, brick, block, and pavers.

Frenzy Diamond Blade

Our Frenzy Diamond blade is the epitome of cutting like a PRO at a low cost. This diamond blade allows you to cut aggressively with significant blade life, while not spending a ton of money. Rippled edged segments give this diamond blade extra bite while cutting into all hard applications. It works great for concrete, natural stone, brick, block, and pavers.

If any of these sound like what you might need this spring, hop on this deal now. Give us a call at 1-877-700-2022 or send us an email at