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Will It Cut? Episode 2: Will A Hurricane Diamond Blade Cut A Wooden Pallet?

On Episode 2 of Will It Cut?, we put the Hurricane diamond blade to the test to see if it will cut through a wooden pallet. At first glance, it seems like kind of a no brainer that a diamond blade could easily cut a pallet with no problem. However, diamond blades are made specifically to grind material away, not necessarily cut or slice.

For instance, when a diamond blade is used to cut concrete, essentially it is grinding the concrete away, not “cutting it” by the traditional sense. Once you take this into consideration, it is easy to second guess if a diamond blade can in fact cut wood as efficiently as a carbide blade does.

In the video, we talk about the blade and if it will be able to cut through the wood. Chris’s prediction, was that it would not cut through the wood. Nelson and Colby both predicted that it would slice through the would pallet like butter. We use a Husqvarna K 770 gas cut off saw to do the cutting.

Tune in and watch to see if the Hurricane blade will cut through wood pallets and to see the process.

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