Construction In The Summer Is Tough, Stay Cool!

cooling safety gear

Construction in the summer time can be brutal. Between the 100 degree temperatures, the idling trucks and hot asphalt being dumped everywhere, the job site can feel like a war zone. It’s important to stay cool so you don’t lose your mind and flee the site! Diamond King has what you need to stay cool. We have an awesome inventory of cooling products that every construction worker has to have in the summertime.

One of our most popular cooling products we carry is the cooling head band. You can get a high visibility head band, camouflage, or bandana style. These headbands have cooling polymers that help dissipate the heat and moisture from your body. The same head bands also come in a full head shade to keep your whole squash cool. These are a construction worker and landscapers dream.

Our cooling towels are also unbelievably effective at dropping you a few degrees while you’re hard at work. Cooling towels are made from PVA material and are ultra absorbent. These also come in microfiber. Soak these babies in cold water and apply to your neck to instantly feel like you have stepped into the tundra. Any landscaper that is trying to not overheat needs one of these cooling towels.

Lastly check out or evaporative cooling vest. We are the only company who has this proprietary blend of cooling polymers that allow construction clothing and this high visibility vest to keep you cool all day in the sun.

There is nothing more important than staying safe from the elements at work and these products will help keep you cool and working hard.