Best Diamond Blades For The Stihl TSA 230 Electric Cut Off Saw

stihl tsa 230 electric saw

The Stihl TSA 230 Electric Cut Off Saw is a very effective tool for any contractor searching for a lightweight and compact saw. The TSA 230 is growing fast in popularity due to it’s maneuverability and overall ease of use.

This electric saw by Stihl TSA 230 has a 36 volt lithium ion battery. It starts up instantly because it is battery powered. This also means that there is no air filter to maintain. The best part of this saw being electric in my opinion is that it can be used indoors. Being able to cut indoors really makes this saw versatile and valuable.

Like all Stihl saws, it has an onboard water control system that helps suppress dust. This is obviously more important than ever with the new OSHA rules. As you can see in the video below, it cuts super smooth and fast.

With the emergence of this electric saw, there is a new need for good quality specialized 9″ diamond blades. We have developed the absolute best diamond blade for this Stihl saw at the best price, The Shockwave. The Shockwave diamond blade is a notch and turbo segmented blade ideal for cutting concrete, brick, block and stone. The notch segments give it an extra bite to slice through hard material and the turbo segments give it that extra speed that blades need to power through hard stone.