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Best General Purpose Diamond Blades For Concrete 💎

Picking out quality diamond blades for a decent price can be tricky. Usually, when you spend over $100 a blade from a reputable company, you get back a good quality product. So, is it possible to spend less than that and still get a blade with decent cutting action and life? Maybe.

General purpose diamond blades are basically middle of the road. When buying blades on a budget, it is important to be dealing with a good company and a knowledgeable blade rep. They will know what direction to point you in for a quality choice.

The Green Lightning diamond blade, in my opinion, offers high quality cutting at a reasonable price. This blade has a professional tough alloy steel core that prevents warping and wobbling during cutting. Also, the Green Lightning blade has cooling holes that prevent over heating.

The best part of this diamond blade is the turbo segments. Most blades at this price are plain, run of the mill segmented blades. The Green Lightning really allows you to cut with some ferocity and speed.
Overall, this is a great blade and an awesome value. A great diamond blade for landscapers, hardscapers and masons.

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