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Diamond Blade Discounts For March

The Leprechaun is coming with diamond blades! March is bringing in a few opportunities to take advantage of some great specials. Take a look at our diamond blades, core bits, power equipment and safety gear discounts and specials.

One of the best seasonal discounts we offer takes place in March. Order any 12 diamond blades and get 2 free. The reason this deal is so great is that there are no limits on blade type for this special. So, for 4″ blade or 36″ blades, you get the same great deal of 2 FREE additional blades.

Also, we have a limited amount of Diamond King Yeti Koozis. You can get one of these by simply making any order with us. We are going to be doing some special giveaways with these.

Please take a look at our social media pages and give us a follow to have access to all of our great specials and discounts for construction supply.

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