Best Tool To Finish Concrete? Cup Wheels!


Concrete cup wheels are essential in finishing concrete properly. During the forming process, concrete can sometimes come out a little imperfect. Concrete then needs to be cut, smoothed etc to get the great final finished product.


Cup wheels are mainly used to grind or polish stone and concrete. In this case we will focus on the concrete application. The most popular sizes are 4″ -7″ cup wheels. The two styles are single and double row cup wheels. Double row has an extra layer of diamond abrasive for faster and more aggressive grinding. There are turbo cup wheels also, but usually these are used on stone. Single and double row standard cup wheels are most popular for concrete.

Knocking down high spots in concrete is a very important factor in surface preparation. Concrete cup wheels used on an angle grinder can quickly and easily accomplish this. Double row cup wheels are ideal, they aren’t that much more expensive and really get the job done must faster.

Overall, cup wheels have an important place in both the concrete and stone worlds. It is important to have these on hand and operate them properly to prepare your surface in the best manor possible.