How To Change Diamond Blade On A Husqvarna K760 Gas Cutoff Saw


As a Certified Husqvarna rep, we move a ton of Husqvarna gas cut off saws. Now…. you would think that if you’re buying a piece of power equipment, and you are a contractor, that you know how to change the diamond blade on your fresh new saw. Well, that is certainly not always the case. I estimate about 10% of all saw purchases result in a blade changing tutorial. I’m going to come clean, I certainly did not know anything about saws, blades, or the installation process until I started working here, so I feel your pain!

It is really easy to change the blade. Husqvarna actually provides the tool to unscrew the lug nut. You can store the tool on the saw in a small eyelet made specifically for this purpose. Here are the simple steps to changing your diamond blade on a Husqvarna saw:

  1. Lay the saw on a flat surface so the saw is stationary on the ground. The rubber fittings on the bottom will ensure the saw doesn’t move or slide while you are putting the diamond blade on
  2. Use a small pin and insert it into the saw on the opposite side of the nut. This will lock the diamond blade so that it doesn’t spin while you unscrew it
  3. Use the wrench provided on the handle of the saw to unscrew the lug nut. It only takes a couple turns to loosen it, it is quicker and easier to do the rest by hand
  4. Take the used diamond blade off and use it as a frisbee with your co workers, this will give you a little break to enjoy the sunshine and relax for a few. This is great for team building
  5. Ignore the frisbee part in step 4
  6. Place the diamond blade onto the washer and make sure it rests flush on the piece. Husqvarna has a 1″ arbor, so you will need to knock out the brass arbor attachment if it is still on the saw.
  7. Place the metal plate on the flatter side over the blade and screw in
  8. Make sure you tighten fully and the blade is flush and cleanly affixed, doing so will extend the diamond blade life, prevent warping or wobbling and ensure a safe cutting application

husqvarna gas cutoff saw

Like I said, easy process overall. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can contact us for any diamond blade or Husqvarna cut off saw information or trouble shooting.