Will It Cut? Episode 8: Will a Red Devil Diamond Blade Cut A Truck Tire?


On Episode 8 of Will It Cut? We used the Red Devil diamond blade on a K770 cut off saw by Husqvarna to try and cut through a truck tire that we had lying around the yard. Not sure how a diamond blade would do cutting rubber. Diamond Blades cut PVC pretty easy and fiberglass, but rubber? Not sure…. Let’s see The truck tire is good to go and we will see if the metal rim slices through or jams up the diamond blade. Will an inflated tire pose a danger while cutting?

For predictions:

Chris: First cut will make a POP! Then the blade will grab the rubber and gum up.

Nelson: It’s gonna go through

Colby: It’s not going to go through … Give a kick back RESULTS The truck tire gave the Red Devil Diamond Blades fits. The blade cut very slow and took a long time to work through the material. Once the blade got through the tire, the rim further slowed down cutting and created some sparks. We then flipped the tire over and went to work on the other side.


Ultimately, we split the tire in half and got it done, but it took some time. This was by far the toughest item we ever cut.