Best Diamond Blades For Cutting Asphalt


Cutting hard surfaces requires having the right tools. When talking about cutting stone, concrete, brick and asphalt, it is important to consider the types of diamond blades needed to properly manage these materials. So, what are the best diamond blades for cutting asphalt? Cutting asphalt can be tricky because of the nature of the product. Asphalt contains gravel, oil, sand etc. So when a blade is being used to cut asphalt, it had to be formulated the right way or it will burn out quickly, and you will waste a lot of money. Asphalt, which is considered a softer material on the cutting scale, needs a hard bonded blade to cut. Let’s go through the top 3 options we have to cut asphalt with a gas cut off saw.

black jack diamond blade

Black Jack

This asphalt diamond blade is low in price and high in quality. It is sintered, so the life will be a little less than a laser welded blade. This is most definitely the best valued asphalt cutting diamond blade we offer

black magic asphalt diamond blade

Black Magic

This blade is really the gold standard in asphalt cutting. Black Magic is a high quality blade that is laser welded and offers good cutting speed and premium blade life. Over 70% of our asphalt cutting customers choose this blade

arix asphalt diamond blade

Ninja – Arix Technology

The Ninja diamond blade has Arix technology with stacked diamond segments. With a super charged diamond content, this blade will offer up to 50% more blade life than a standard asphalt blade and 35% more speed

Every contractor is different when considering what diamond blade is best for them. You have to take speed, life and comfort into consideration when picking which blade to go with. My recommendation is to always start with the Black Magic when cutting asphalt, you can always work your way up or down! You really can’t go wrong with any choice.