Spooky, Scary Reasons To Order Diamond Blades


It’s spooky season, and we’ve got some scary good deals to take advantage of. Here at Diamond King Tools, we always like to be able to give you some extra freebies when you order to say thank you!

This month only we’ll include a pair of Apple Airpods with any $1500 purchase from Diamond King Tools. How will you spend that $1500 you might ask? Well, we have lots of options for you. Since its Halloween and its scary season, we figured we’d featured some of our more scary-themed blades.

First up is the Red Devil. The Red Devil diamond blade offers the best life for combination cutting on the market. This is the best diamond blade for an even split of cutting concrete and asphalt. Aggressive and fast cutting, this diamond blade is for the serious professionals. Find out more about the red devil here:

If you’re looking for something a little less scary, but still vageuly spooky, we’ve also got the Jester Blade. The Jester is our economy diamond blade. The diamond blade has sintered segments and is a great value. Perfect for use as a general purpose diamond blade.

There are a variety of different blades, saws, and other gear you could add to your cart to bring the total up in order to get those AirPods. If you’re not sure which blades would fit your needs, give us at call: 1-877-700-2022 and we can help out. if you do know exactly what you want, place your order at diamondkingtools.com.