What Is The Best Gas Cut Off Saw? | Husqvarna K760 vs Stihl TS420


The Husqvarna versus Stihl debate is as old as Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Chevy, Road Runner vs Coyote…. Ok, you get the point, so what saw is the best? It really comes down to a matter of preference, but we polled over 100 contractors to try and determine who the Heavyweight Champion of the gas cut off saw was, Stihl or Husqvarna? Both saws have similar specs, the saws weights are the exact same, size is almost the same, so what makes the saws different?¬†

First, some insight on both saws at a glance:


Husqvarna K760 Pro’s

  • 5 horse power as opposed to Stihl 4.4 horse power
  • Price, $999 as opposed to Stihl $1099
  • Vibration Control



Stihl-TS420Stihl TS420 Pro’s

  • No plastic screws or hardware
  • Better Support Due To Market Share and dealers




Here are some stats and reviews from over 100 contractors that we polled:

  • 58% prefer the Stihl TS420 over The Husqvarna K760
  • 74% Of Husqvarna saw owners felt their saw was a good value and reliable
  • 79% of Stihl saw owners thought their saw was a good value and reliable

” Stihl saws are tougher and outlast Husqvarna saws 2 to 1″

“Husqvarna is just as good of a quality saw as Stihl but they are much cheaper and a better deal.”


Full disclosure, Diamond King is a little biased because we are a certified Husqvarna dealer. With that being said, pound for pound, we choose the K760. The reason is simple, price is significantly cheaper (15% or so), with performance ranking as high or higher in many key saw quality categories. The only thing that is clear is the Stihl offers a little more life. Either way you can’t go wrong with a Stihl Saw or Husqvarna demo chop saw!